Let us to take you on a journey into the mind of a cyber criminal.

Virtually all businesses rely on technology. What would happen if that technology was compromised by an attacker and data was stolen or damaged?

Whether it’s your WiFi network, cloud services, an ecommerce website, mobile applications, or physical access controls, every piece of technology relied upon by your business presents an opportunity for cyber criminals to strike.

We can help you to protect your business from modern-day criminals using our deep understanding of how they operate.

You are a target. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Request a callback or find out more about how we can help you now!

Cognitous are an IT security consultancy who provide a range of services from traditional “penetration testing” to secure development training.

The company was created with a vision to improve the way we approach IT security, by tackling it at the source. By working closely with developers we can identify security risks before they become deeply embedded in an application. Our tailored training courses enable your developers to incorporate security into their software right from the start, rather than bolting it on to a finished product which is costly in terms of both time and money.

We also offer a range of more traditional IT security services that are designed to help you understand the technological risks faced by your organisation and mitigate them.

Every organisation is unique and so is their use of technology. At Cognitous our priority is to understand the exact needs of your organisation and provide services tailored to your requirements, regardless of how large, small, straightforward, or complex.

Some examples of services offered by our industry leading experts include:

Application Security Assessments

Cognitous can assess the security of web applications, mobile applications, and other software your organisation builds or uses on a day-to-day basis to help ensure that adequate measures are being taken to protect users and their data.

Whether it’s a public corporate website, an online shop and mobile app, or an internal HR system supplied by a third-party, Cognitous can employ the same tools and techniques a real hacker would in order to discover security vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker does.

Following an application security assessment we will support you in understanding and remediating any identified security vulnerabilities in order to ensure your applications are protected going forwards.

Secure Development Training

Utilising our security and software development experience, Cognitous are able to provide tailored and relevant training to software developers to ensure they understand the latest threats and can build secure systems from the ground up.

Vastly improve the security of the systems you build by training your developers to think like an attacker and implement security from the start.

Modern developers have a huge amount of languages, frameworks, and technologies to choose from, many of which have their own security features that must be used correctly, and quirks that must be understood.

Our secure development training is designed by developers, for developers, and are tailored to the needs of your team regardless of the technologies they use or the type of applications they build.

Enterprise Application Assessments

Many organisations use specialised enterprise software throughout their corporate environments, potentially putting IT resources at risk. We can assess the security of complex enterprise systems and help you to avoid endangering your resources by using them.

We’re experienced in reverse engineering and analysis of proprietary software to identify critical vulnerabilities affecting the entire environment in which the software was in use.

Where vulnerabilities are identified, we are experienced in working with software vendors to ensure that the vulnerabilities are properly remediated and in a timely manner to protect your IT assets.

Network Infrastructure Assessments

Even the most secure of applications can be hacked into if there is a weakness in the supporting servers, network infrasturcure, or even WiFi configuration. We can perform security assessments of network infrastructure and advise you on locking down your environment to ensure that your IT systems are secure from all angles.

Weaknesses in network infrastructure and architecture could enable an attacker to take over an otherwise secure application server; pivot an Internet-based attack into your private internal network; or access sensitive internal data from a guest WiFi network.

We can use the same techniques as a real attacker would to identify vulnerabilities in your public or private network infrastructure before a malicious hacker finds them.

Following a network infrastructure security assessment we will support you in understanding and remediating any identified security vulnerabilities.

Regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured that you won’t deal with sales people who don’t understand your needs and push unnecessary services!

“I found the course really interesting and I thought it had a great theory/practical balance. I feel like I’ve definitely come away with a much improved understanding of what sort of things I need to be considering when architecting and developing new applications. I’ll definitely be going through the remaining exercises when I get a chance.”

Candidate from a secure web development training course.

The IT security industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. At Cognitous we believe it’s important to engage in research and development so that we remain at the cutting edge and can continue to provide an industry-leading service.

Details of public research, conference talks, and acknowledgements from some of the world’s largest software companies can be found on the research page.

Company director Nicky Bloor speaking at 44CON 2017. Company director Nicky Bloor speaking at BSides Manchester 2017.

Company director and lead security consultant Nicky Bloor presenting his research at 44CON and BSides Manchester.

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