Research shows that it is much cheaper and easier to build software that is secure from the ground up than it is to fix security vulnerabilities in completed applications. In fact, the cost of fixing a vulnerability identified during penetration testing can be up to 100 times the cost of fixing a vulnerability identified during the design phase of a project.

Relative costs of fixing software defects.
Relative costs of fixing software defects (source: IBM Systems Sciences Institute).

Our secure development training takes your development teams into the mindset of a cyber criminal to help them understand their adversaries, enabling your team to build robust defences into the core of their applications. In a nutshell, we teach developers to hack, in order to teach them how to defend against hacking.

Developers often have a good understanding of cyber security threats but security changes as rapidly as technology making it easy to fall behind on the latest threats. Our instructors are highly experienced and active cyber security specialists with backgrounds in software development, enabling them to deliver cutting edge training content whilst being empathetic towards developers and the challenges they face.

“I found the course really interesting and I thought it had a great theory/practical balance. I feel like I’ve definitely come away with a much improved understanding of what sort of things I need to be considering when architecting and developing new applications. I’ll definitely be going through the remaining exercises when I get a chance.”

– Candidate from a secure development training course.

Our training can be tailored to the needs of your team to ensure that the content is directly relevant to their day-to-day work regardless of whether they build Magento websites, enterprise Spring Framework applications, or embedded systems.

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