A criminal doesn’t need to get through your firewall and anti-virus if they can target and manipulate your employees who are already behind the firewall.

Cyber security isn’t just the responsibility of the IT or security department, it’s the responsibility of every employee. Organised criminals regularly target businesses through their employees to steal money and gain unauthorised access to systems and data. An innocent social media post can give a criminal all the information they need to make a phone call or send an email that leads to an employee making an unauthorised payment or giving away passwords.

Our security awareness training is for employees who regularly use IT systems and aims to raise awareness of security threats whilst offering practical advice on handling or avoiding those threats.

“Thanks to Cognitous for coming to our offices to deliver an eye-opening and interesting cyber security training session to the team!”

– Candidate from a security awareness training course.

The topics covered by our security awareness training include:

  • Overview of cyber crime
  • Laptops and mobile devices
  • Passwords and authentication
  • WiFi and Internet security
  • Emails and phishing
  • Social media conduct

We’re able to deliver training on or off site and tailor the content to your organisation and existing policies and procedures.

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