Modern software development quickly gets incredibly complex so a combination of automated and manual testing is imperative to minimise the risk of bugs making it into published versions of software.

With that in mind, does your testing team have a security expert? If you conduct application penetration tests, does your testing team produce automated tests to prevent similar bugs from reoccurring in future releases of the application?

Our security testing training is aimed at software testing teams and aims to put them in a position to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities during the software testing phase in order to prevent those issues from making it into a published version of the software.

We’ll introduce your testers to tools they can use and give them practical knowledge and experience of testing for common security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We’ll walk them through the production of automated test cases that can be integrated into existing build systems in order to prevent vulnerabilities from reoccurring in future releases.

If you’re ready to reduce your cyber security expenditure by incorporating security testing into your development process then get in touch to find out how we can help.