Cognitous offer a range of IT security services from traditional “penetration testing” through to secure development training and staff augmentation to support your team in designing and building secure systems.

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Secure Code Review

By analysing the source code of your application, Cognitous can perform a more thorough security assessment and uncover vulnerabilities that would be missed by a traditional application penetration test.

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Software Development Support

Embed industry-leading security experts within your development team as often as you need to provide guidance, advice, and training on secure development along with application security assessments.

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Secure Development Training

We offer training courses produced by developers, for developers. Our training courses are uniquely tailored according to the needs of your team and are designed to help them build secure software from the ground up.

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IT Team Support

Outsource your IT security with us to gain high value industry-leading expertise as and when you need it. Embed our experts within your IT team for on-demand guidance and advice on securing your corporate IT resources.

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Enterprise System Security

Have you invested heavily in specialised enterprise applications? We can help to ensure that enterprise systems aren’t opening up holes in the security of your corporate IT environment.

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Website & Mobile App Security

Websites and mobile applications are at the greatest risk of attack from outside of your organisation. Cognitous can assess the security of your websites and mobile applications to help ensure adequate measures are being taken to protect your users and their data.

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Network Penetration Testing

Even the most secure applications can be hacked if they’re deployed to an insecure network. Using the latest tools and techniques Cognitous can assess the security of your IT infrastructure and help you secure your environment from all angles of attack.

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WiFi Security

An insecure WiFi network can allow an outside attacker to gain unauthorised access to internal systems and data. Cognitous can help identify weaknesses in WiFi networks and support you in remediating those weaknesses.

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It’s our job as consultants to handle the technical details and propose appropriate services to support your business, but some examples of how we can help are listed below.

Your websites are directly exposed to cyber threats and are one of the first things a hacker might target so it’s crucial that they are kept secure.

An insecure website can lead to a range of problems from theft of customer data or even passwords, through to further attacks that could impact your internal IT systems. Vulnerabilities in ecommerce applications can result directly in financial losses or fraud.

Our experts can identify security vulnerabilities in your websites before an attacker does. Find out more about how we can help or contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re secure because you only use cloud services.

Like most technology, cloud services can be insecure if they are not configured and used in a secure manner. The nature of cloud services and the ability to access them from anywhere means they’re likely more exposed to attack than non-cloud alternatives.

Through network penetration testing and application security assessments, Cognitous can identify security risks facing your cloud services and help you to mitigate those risks.

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Remote working is becoming increasingly common as organisations adopt working from home policies, or where job roles involve travelling.

Remote employees need access to emails and often internal systems such as those providing access to customer data or internal documentation, which in turn means that those systems must be made available over the Internet for example using a VPN (virtual private network) or cloud-based services. By providing a means to access internal systems over the Internet, your organisation is providing a means for those systems to come under attack.

Cognitous can help you to ensure that your chosen remote working facilities are configured and deployed in a secure manner to ensure that only authorised users can access those systems. Contact us to find out more about how we can help secure your remote working facilities.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018. It’s mostly not as big of a deal as some would have you believe! It’s about being responsible and fair with personal information and while there are new things to be aware of, you should already have been compliant with the Data Protection Act before GDPR came into force.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of fear mongering going on and there’s a lot of confusing and contradictory information being published.

Don’t stress over GDPR. If you need a hand cutting through the confusion then get in touch and let’s have a chat. We won’t send you large questionnaires that are 90% irrelevant to you. We’ll help you to fully understand what GDPR means for your organisation and what you need to do about it.

Most organisations that use IT these days also have WiFi connectivity throughout their premises. In some cases WiFi is provided for staff only whereas a lot of organisations also provide WiFi connectivity for guests and visitors.

It is often overlooked that WiFi signals can be picked up and interacted with from outside an office and even from some distance away. Furthermore is the fact that a badly configured WiFi network can allow an external attacker to connect to and attack systems inside your organisation.

Our experts can help you to secure your WiFi networks against known attacks and harden internal systems against attack. Find out how we can help by getting in touch today.

Most people have Internet-connected smart phones these days so it can be advantageous, particularly if your employees travel or work from home, to allow employees to use their own smart phones for work also, rather than supplying employees with a second device that they are required to keep with them during working hours.

Introducing a bring your own device or BYOD policy can lead to significant risks to your corporate resources and internal systems. What if an employee has installed malicious apps or games on their phone?

We can help you to assess the risks posed to your organisation through a BYOD policy by assessing your network infrastructure, internal applications, and enterprise systems such as mobile device management that are used to manage BYOD. Reach out now to ensure your environment is protected.

Swipe-card or RFID-based physical access control systems make it easy to manage who can or cannot access your premises without the risk of a disgruntled employee making unauthorised copies of physical keys.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that these systems are networked and controlled by software, so they are at risk to cyber attacks if an attacker can gain access to them. If your organisation’s WiFi, websites, or remote working facilities are not securely configured then an outside attacker can potentially attack your electronic door locks to gain physical access to your premises.

Using our application security and reverse engineering expertise we can help you to ensure that your electronic access controls are not exposed to attacks which might enable criminals to unlock your premises and roam freely within. Contact us today to find out how we can help you deploy technology securely.

Ecommerce enables businesses to sell around the clock, potentially to customers anywhere in the world. They’re also a significant target for cyber attacks due to their exposure to the Internet and the potential for monetary gains.

Our application security experts can assess the security of your ecommerce applications using the same tools and techniques a real hacker might employ to find vulnerabilities before a real hacker does.

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Security assessments are often performed against released or near-release versions of software. Fixing a vulnerability at this stage can mean re-writing a significant part of the software and may require a large investment in both time and money.

Cognitous can provide expert advice and guidance early on in a project or throughout the lifecycle of a project to ensure that your team are able to consider and respond to potential risks early on.

Security-focused source code audits can be performed against established or in-progress projects to identify security vulnerabilities that a traditional application security assessment would not uncover, whilst also providing more specific advice and guidance to your team.

We also provide training in secure software development that is produced by developers and for developers and is designed to help your team think like attackers in order to produce more secure systems from the ground up. Unlike other more generic security training courses, Cognitous’ courses are tailored specifically to the needs of your team and the technologies they use to maximise their ability to produce secure applications.

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Virtually all businesses store customer data electronically these days which exposes that data to cyber threats from both inside and outside of your organisation. Other sensitive data that might be stored electronically includes employee data, payroll data, and company secrets including intellectual property.

It’s not uncommon for a curious employee to go digging around on internal systems in search of things like payroll data. In more serious cases a disgruntled employee with excessive access to internal systems might sell lists of customers to competitors. Furthermore, if an employee can do these things, then an attacker who somehow gains access to your internal network can likely also do these things.

Through a tailored combination of services such as network penetration testing, application security testing, and WiFi security assessments, Cognitous can identify areas of risk that might lead to unauthorised access to sensitive data and advise you on eliminating those risks.

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Cognitous was created with a vision to improve the way we approach and handle IT security. With Cognitous you won’t deal with pushy sales people who don’t understand your needs and try to sell you everything. You’ll deal with industry-leading experts who can put together tailored packages to cater for your individual needs.

We don’t end our engagement with you by delivering a highly technical report and leaving you to make sense of it. A debriefing with your team and an opportunity to ask questions and clarify output is always included to ensure you can resolve issues correctly the first time.

Let’s have a chat and see if Cognitous are right for you.

Cognitous can also provide dedicated IT security experts to embed in your team over long or short periods to provide all-round advice, guidance, training, and security testing services to help you improve your overall security.

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