Cyber security is a full-time job and an incredibly fast-paced field with it’s own standards and certifications. By embedding industry-leading expertise directly into your IT team Cognitous can both ease the pressure on them and improve their ability to implement and run a corporate IT environment that supports your business without compromising security.

We can provide industry-leading cyber security expertise to work closely with your team from their location as often as you need – be it one day every fortnight or daily. Our experts can provide guidance and advice on the security of your existing IT resources as well as expert input on the design, selection, and implementation of new corporate IT resources.

Whether you’re building new IT resources or securing your existing systems, our industry-leading experts will be on hand to provide ad-hoc advice, mentoring, and security assessments to ensure that the security of your IT resources is of a high standard. Where vulnerabilities are identified they will be communicated to the relevant team members immediately and support will be available on demand to ensure that appropriate mitigations are put in place.

The benefits of our IT support service are huge – you get security testing, design and implementation advice, training, and mentoring on an ad-hoc and highly cost-effective basis. All of which will be directly relevant to your team and over time will greatly improve your team’s ability to implement and maintain secure IT systems to support your business.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation to discuss whether our IT team support is the right service for you.